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Frequently Asked Questions in Fall Protection

How often should I check my safety harness? What's the difference between an SRD and SRL? Should I consider an ANSI Class 1 or 2 SRL for my needs? Find answers to these questions and more!

1) How often should I check my safety harness?

You must always inspect your safety harness for damage before every use.

2) What is the difference between an ANSI Class 1 and 2 SRL?

In general, a Class 1 SRL may be anchored at or above a dorsal D-ring. A Class 2 SRL may be anchored at, above, and up to 5 feet below a D-ring tie-off and must be leading edge (LE) rated. You can find out more using our ANSI Z359.14-2021 guide.

3) What is the difference between an SRD and SRL?

People often use the terms Self-Retracting Device (SRD) and Lifeline (SRL) interchangeably. Other terms include Personal Fall Limiter (PFL), “backpack,” and “yoyo.” Technically speaking, an SRD is a self-retracting device that may or may not have energy-absorbing capability. An SRL will have energy-absorbing capability via an internal brake or external energy absorber.

4) Do FallTech products expire?

No. FallTech has no preset limit on our products' service life. It's important that a Competent Person inspect the product before use. Always mark and remove a product from service if it fails inspection.

5) Can two people use one tripod?

Yes, but only for emergency rescue. Only one person must be connected to the tripod during normal use.

6) Can FallTech’s DuraTech® Mini be used below the D-ring?

Yes, but only on non-leading edge (non-LE) applications. As a Class 1 SRL, using the DuraTech® Mini below the D-ring falls outside ANSI's current Z359 standard.

7) Can I write on my FallTech safety harness with a marker?

Yes, but only with a water-based marker and never writing over any labels.

8) Can FallTech products be used with other manufacturers’ products?

Yes, but a designated Competent Person must ensure that all components are compatible. While ANSI Z359 products should be compatible, always verify with your manufacturer(s).

9) Can FallTech anchors be used on different substrates?

Yes, but only if a Qualified Person or Professional Engineer can certify the installation if there's no adverse effect on safety performance. The given structure and applicable fasters must withstand the fall arrest system's Maximum Arrest Force (MAF) by a safety factor of two or greater as required by OSHA.

10) My SRL freewheeled and is now locked. How do I unlock it?

Place the SRL in front of you with cable pointing away. Push the cable into its housing to unlock. For further help, contact your authorized repair center.

You can find more information of key terms like "leading edge" and "swing fall" with our frequently updated and easy to read Fall Protection Glossary


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